Hiding rigging, cameras and equipment on live film sets can be a tricky problem. Over many years, and with dozens of feature films to their credit, our team has become outstanding at camouflage and concealment — particularly for use in surveillance and remote filming. Our team’s work on the Academy Award® winning documentary film, The Cove is well documented even if some of our more sensitive military projects can not be.

The Cove was a powerful and multi-award winning documentary about the annual harvest and slaughter of dolphins in Japan. To capture the footage, the director worked with members of our team (while employed at Kerner Optical) to develop concealed cameras — cameras matched to look exactly like the rocks in Taiji, Japan — in order to capture spectacular, if disturbing, footage of the slaughter. Director Louie Psihoyos made it quite clear that they could not have made their film without the Kerner-concealed cameras.

Kevin Wallace, who now works at Kernerworks, appears in the pic and said, “We tried to envision being there and tried to create something we wouldn’t be able to detect, and we felt if we couldn’t detect it, no one else would be able to either.”

In fact, the cameras were so difficult to detect that they had to be located by their faint heat signature because they were so well camouflaged.

Kernerworks works on a variety of camouflage and concealment applications  that are useful in conservation, anti-poaching and, of course, a variety of military and intelligence gathering applications.