The Kernerworks team has a long history of solving complex and time sensitive problems for some of the most successful and demanding film productions in history. Today, our team uses their decades of experience to solve complex problems for the military, government agencies and private sector clients. Research and Development has become core to our business model.

Our team has spent decades designing and building unique items and devices for the demanding realities of the visual effects industry. These experiences have taught our team just about everything there is to know about the fabrication of unique or new items. We have a very solid understanding of a wide variety of materials, animatronics, electronics, metal work and we are never constrained by what others consider impossible. We approach Research and Development with a way-out-of-the-box mentality.

Research and Development generally falls into two categories; new product development and new technological advancement. At Kernerworks we do both.

New Product and Advanced Prototype Development

The development of prototypes and new products takes a very special attitude and unique set of skills — both of which are core to the Kernerworks team and philosophy. We start with the problem or challenge and then run through a process of brainstorming to develop potential solutions. When we have narrowed down that list, we move to the development of design concepts – often developing detailed computer models for further vetting and testing. The next steps include the fabrication of basic prototypes for further testing before moving on to an official prototype. Once a prototype has been approved, we can then move into full-scale manufacturing.While not all concepts are destined for manufacturing, we have already had a number of successful product launches including the multiple award-winning Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer (M.A.T.T.) that has been responsible for the training of thousands of troops over the last 2 years. This is now part of the TraumaFX line of trauma training systems.

Technological Advancement and Problem Solving

Blockbuster movies often anticipate real life challenges and scenarios. Today, we work to solve a variety of real-world problems including the development of complex surveillance and delivery systems. Much of the work that we do in this area is military or intelligence related and, therefore, sensitive in nature; case studies can only be shared under certain conditions.

We also take on a variety of marketing or ‘publicity stunt’ projects. Perhaps the best example of this is the giant Mythbusters paintball gun that members our our team worked on at Kerner Optical.