KernerworksKernerworks has its roots in the feature film industry. Most of our team have spent decades working on the design, conceptualization and delivery of some of the most memorable visual effects sequences in history. Many of them started their careers working for George Lucas’ famed special effects company, Industrial Light and Magic and have continued their careers working for a variety of visual effects companies including, Kerner Optical.

Kernerworks now provides new outlets for these very specialist skills — trauma simulation, applied research, prototype development and camouflage and concealment solutions.


Research and Development

Decades of solving unbelievably challenging problems on the highly demanding schedules created by feature film production has cultivated a unique and powerful skill set in our team. When others believe that something can not be done — our team finds a way to do it. Whether we are solving problems for three-letter agencies, the military or your marketing department, we often find solutions so good they can only be considered disruptive. (Read More…)

Camouflage and Concealment

Hiding rigging, cameras and equipment on live film sets can be a tricky problem.  Over many years, and with dozens of feature films to their credit, our team has become outstanding at camouflage and concealment — particularly for use in surveillance and remote filming. Our team’s work on the Academy Award® winning documentary film, The Cove is well documented even if some of our more sensitive military projects can not be. (Read More…)

Prototype Development

When developing visual effects for feature films like Star Wars, Terminator,  and Pirates of the Caribbean there are a variety of one-off devices that are built for the production. Often, these items are entirely unique and must be fabricated quickly and on location. With several decades of experience on demanding film sets, our team can build just about anything and has the facilities to do so. Whether we are building a complex trauma simulation mannequins — complete with realistic skin, robotics, radio controllers and a variety of complex features — or a new kind of delivery system for the US Army, our team has the unique ability to conceptualize, design and build prototypes quickly and on a budget.

Trauma Simulation

At the end of 2014 the TraumaFX manufacturing operations of Kernerworks was sold to KForce Government Solutions. The first major product, M.A.T.T. (multiple amputee trauma trainer) has won numerous awards and is doing an excellent job training military medics for some of the most difficult situations they will face in the field.

Kernerworks is a highly dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals. Our teams work very well together and provide our customers with a level of service that makes our customers feel as though our shop is their shop.

Kernerworks is the ultimate solutions shop.