ABOUT KERNERWORKSAugust 17th, 2012 Kernerworks has its roots in the feature film industry. Most of our team have spent decades working on the design, conceptualization and delivery of some of the most...
CAMOUFLAGE AND CONCEALMENTAugust 18th, 2012 Hiding rigging, cameras and equipment on live film sets can be a tricky problem. Over many years, and with dozens of feature films to their credit, our team has...
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTAugust 17th, 2012 The Kernerworks team has a long history of solving complex and time sensitive problems for some of the most successful and demanding film productions in history....

Welcome to Kernerworks


Kernerworks is a 'skunkworks' shop. We are all about finding innovative ways to do things -- ways that might be so much better than the old way so as to be considered disruptive.

After decades of experience working on some of the most demanding and successful feature films in history, our team now applies their innovative and creative skills finding and developing solutions to real world problems and challenges.

Our team has world-class capabilities in the design and execution of camouflage and concealment technologies, covert delivery systems, medical simulators and a variety of other way-out-of-the-box solutions.

We have full design and fabrication capabilities and provide prototype development services.

Kernerworks is based in San Rafael, California and undertakes projects all over the world.